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What is
Jim Justice Hiding?

Justice isn’t up for the job of being a U.S.  Senator. Keep reading to learn more.

Photo: Jim Justice Flickr

Justice’s complicated finances have never faced the scrutiny that comes with a U.S. Senate race, and he knows it. Justice tried to refuse a federal judge's request to provide information on his finances, citing his run for U.S. Senate as a central reason for not disclosing it.

"Judge finds no merit in Justice’s request to shield financial disclosures because of U.S. Senate run"

"The schedules show him at photo ops or simply unaccounted for."

– AP

-– Hoppy Kercheval, on TalkLine with Hoppy Kercheval, WCHS, 4/28/23

“And I do think there are health-related issues with Justice. He does not get them all, he does not get around well. He has serious, pretty serious issues with pain in his legs that he deals with all the time. I think it's a constant concern for him.”

Justice has faced an ongoing scandal over his work schedule. The Associated Press reported Justice was “largely absent in job,” while the Charleston Gazette-Mail wrote that “work hasn’t always been top of mind for the two-term governor,” and he continues “refusing to release his official schedule and calendar.”

“Health issues and concerns have hounded Justice ever since he first took office.”

Buckle Up

Justice’s scandals are already intensifying West Virginia Republicans' “messy,” “costly,” and “bruising intraparty“battle royale.”

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